Jo Barry and her dogs

I have always wanted to be an artist, I just cannot imagine being anything else.

Jo Barry has been painting, drawing and etching for many years and enjoys a considerable reputation in the art world. She has exhibited at Royal Academy Summer Shows and has been the Vice President of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers.

A regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy, Jo Barry also shows work in many galleries up and down the country. Her lithographs are also well known internationally following exhibitions in many countries including the USA, Norway, Australia and Japan.

Jo Barry studied at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design and taught at the Byam Shaw School of Art until 1978 when she gave up teaching to concentrate full time on her own work.

Her skill in etching has developed and grown so that she now ranks as one of the finest living etchers in this country.

“I suppose my work is self-indulgent”, says Jo, “I depict nature and the English countryside, both are things I dearly love. I hope that people who buy my work will share my pleasure and enjoyment”.

Exhibiting at the  Bankside which has many exhibitions with free entry to the public and next year’s include

  • National Print
  • Mini Print

Jo is also a member ofThe Arborealists’ a group of artists with a shared passion for trees.
Future exhibitions include

2023 Exhibitions

Featured Artist at the Inspired by Gallery

The beautiful Inspired by… gallery at Danby Lodge National Park Centre (formerly The Moors National Park Centre) hosts changing exhibitions of work by artists and makers who draw their inspiration from the landscape, life and colour of the North York Moors.!

Jo Barry has been selected as one of the 12 feature artists for the year:

For more information visit 

Danby Lodge National Park Centre,
YO21 2NB

Tt. 01439772738