“Each one is hand inked – each one will be subtly unique”

An etching is an impression taken from a textured metal plate on damp paper using great pressure. This is ‘intaglio’ printmaking where the ink sits inside the texture on the plate and not on the surface.
This is achieved by putting a thin layer of wax on the plate and drawing into it with a fine needle. The exposed metal is then etched with acid to the required depth.

My plates are waxed, drawn and etched many times and the completed etching plate can take up to six months to produce. This is why I have many pieces of work in progress at any one time.
When printing, the ink is rubbed into the texture and the surface cleaned. In the case of a coloured etching all the colours are put on at once, a little like painting a picture. The inked plate then goes through the press just once.

Because I am not a machine, even taking the greatest care, each print within the edition will be very subtly unique.

These are not reproductions. They are original prints, each one produced by me.

If you should wish to give an etching as a gift I will happily add a short dedication beneath the title of the image of your choice. This will make it personal and very special. Follow this link to send me a message with your requirements >>>